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Atlas Worldwide provides high quality, quick turn-around, low cost business, legal and medical transcription services to physicians, clinics, physical therapists, attorneys, universities, businesses, state and federal government agencies, insurance companies, banks and other transcription companies. We earn the highest praise for our customer service.

Atlas Worldwide has been in the transcription business for about 14 years. We are a Michigan based company, but we have transcriptionists and customers from all over the US. We can effectively serve large multi-user, multi-location customers as well as single users. We can integrate into any system or process that you want, including EMR. Over the years, we have developed a system of dictation submission that allows the user to simply plug the recorder into the docking station and let the software do all of the work in voice file transmission. This is truly hands free. When the recorder is plugged into the docking station, the software automatically launches on the PC, downloads the voice files from the recorder, deletes the files on the recorder, backs-up the voice files on the PC, encrypts the voice files and sends them to our servers. The following day, your transcriptions are ready for electronic retrieval at your leisure.


Our customer service is top notch and entirely included in our line rates. We install the hardware and software for you. We are available from 6am to 9pm, EST, 7 days a week via email, phone or text. We maintain the working condition of the software on your system, taking care of things such as reloading the software when you upgrade computers. We personally train the users in all aspects of using the recorder and system. We even loan the recorder hardware to you, free of charge.

Our service availability is like having your own in-house transcriptionist, except you only pay for transcribed lines, avoiding all of the management issues such as retirements, absences, overflow, slack time, FICA taxes, hiring/firing, floor space and morale.

We also will customize our offering to best meet your needs. We can configure most of our process in numerous ways to best meet your existing operations or we can suggest a more streamlined manner to manage your end of the business, if you so desire. We can use your server, recorders or software. We will even create a custom template for you, if you want.

No Risk

Best of all, we offer a free formatting period to demonstrate our abilities and our contract is non-binding in duration. There is no term to lock you in, nor any buyout clause. So, there is truly no risk to our offering.

We will beat your current provider's price !


  • Quality levels approaching 100%

  • Hands-free voice files submission

  • Low price

  • 3 day free formatting period

  • Free installation and maintenance

  • Recorders loaned for free

  • 24 hour turn-around

  • US transcriptionists

  • Integrate into your EMR system and processes

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Specialists with the ability to transcribe heavy accents

Atlas Worldwide offers truly the best of all competitive attributes: low cost, great service, fast turn-around, high quality and no risk. Some of our customers have saved over 50% of their transcription costs with our program. Contact us now to see how we can help you.

Olympus DS-4000 Compatibility With Window 8. If you have recently installed or plan to install a new PC with Windows 8, then you will have noticed that your DS-4000 will not function. If you would like to avoid the cost of replacing all of your DS-4000's with DS-7000's at $700 a pop, Atlas has a proprietary solution that can make your DS-4000 work on your Windows 8 PC. We provide this solution free of charge, including set-up, with any new and existing clients for our transcription business.  We even provide replacement DS-4000's, if you need those, free of charge.

Windows XP Machines Are Not HIPAA Compliant Any Longer.  If you have not heard, using a Windows XP PC to handle medical records is no longer HIPAA compliant.  Since Microsoft stopped supporting bug and security fixes, it is wide open for hackers to come in and steal your patient records.  

Seamless Transition To Save Money.  So, if you want to go on with business as usual, using your existing DS-4000's and the work processes around them, to handle your transcription needs, give us a call and we will custom quote a transcription program that will be seamless with your existing work flows, and probably save you some money along the way.

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