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Data Services

If you need your primary or overflow Data Services cheaper, quicker, of higher quality, HIPAA compliant and/or with better customer service, feel free to request a quote from Atlas. We custom quote specifically to your needs and can meet whatever priorities you have, whether they be tight timing, budget constraints, and/or turn-around time. Simply contact us by phone or email and we will do the rest.

Our Cost Advantage
Primarily, we can offer you a far more cost effective solution to your data service needs. First of all, Data is all we do, so we are more efficient than your employees. Second, you only pay us for the work we do. No need to worry about smoking breaks, vacation pay, sick days, down time, etc. Also there is no employment tax owed to us. So, you pay for the work, not for our time.

Our IT Expertise And Integration Into Your System
Also, we have extensive IT resources to integrate into whatever input and output requirements you have. We can work from our offices in Michigan or remote login to your site. We can even VPN to your sites with whatever flavor of VPN you like.

Customer Service
There will be someone available to contact in any time window you need, whether that be third shift or weekends.


  • Data Entry

  • Remote Data Entry

  • Data Migration

  • Data Integration

  • Data Conversion
  • Data Management

  • Data Transformation

  • Data Punching

  • Survey Designing

  • Survey Data

  • Teleform
  • Surveys

  • Scanning

  • Indexing

  • E-book Maintenance

  • Electronic Filing

  • Reformatting
  • Remote Data Capture

  • Data Editing and Manipulation
  • Directories


Contact Info:

Mike Witkowski